Business Planning in Relation to Business Growth and Management

For any company to succeed it is imperative to do business planning. The reason I am stating this is because most small business owners do not have a written plan. A company that has a plan has better chances of surviving than one that does not. A business plan should include a mission statement and a description of the business values.

Before starting a company include in your business planning an issue like market analysis to know the current trends and draw a marketing plan on how you intend to reach your target market. Choose the marketing tools you intend to use and be flexible in case you need a new approach. Also, have a financial projection to ensure a steady cash flow.

Put in place sound management structures to make sure there is smooth business operation. As you prepare, include structures that will enable your staff to be innovative and come up with new business ideas, this will encourage business growth. Rather than viewing creativity as a time consuming venture, device ways of assessing and implementing good business ideas.

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Who Are You Trying to Kid With That Business Plan?

A lot of people dream of starting their own business. They have heard of the “unlimited opportunities” and the “complete freedom” and the “not having a boss”. If you are one of those who have that dream and believe it really can come true then I have something to say to you “WAKE UP!”

When you start your own business you don’t have ‘complete freedom’. As a matter of fact there’s a really good chance that you will have less freedom, a lot less freedom. To be successful you will most likely be working seven days a week and you will be working longer hours and you will be working for a lot less money (at least in the beginning). Does it still sound like something you really want to do?

As far as ‘not having a boss’ goes, well I hate to be the one to break this to you but you will always have a boss. If you don’t do what the customers want then you will go out of business and if you are lucky enough to borrow money to start and run your business then your banker/investors will be telling you a lot about how you are going to run your business. Okay so maybe they aren’t your ‘boss’ but they are still the ones who will tell your what you must do. And that’s what your current boss does now. Does it still sound good?

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Writing a Business Plan: Why it is Worth the Time and Effort

Are you thinking about approaching a Bank for finance to support your business? If you haven’t already gone to see the Manager then you may not know that the first thing he will want to see is your Business Plan.

Perhaps you are not convinced that all the time and effort needed in preparing a plan is essential If so then here are the main benefits for both you and your business.

1. No matter how good a communicator you are, you will never be able to convey your vision for the business as successfully as a perfectly put together Business Plan. It provides a clear understanding as to what you want to achieve. It allows you to express your ideas in a clearer manner.

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